RF temperature and humidity beacon

Beacon sends temperature and humidity data over 433HMz. It is then received by RF receiver (Nucleo board) and send to Raspberry Pi over UART. Raspberry Pi saves this information and sends it over MQTT to ESP32 which then displays it. Information is also displayed on local website (hosted on Raspberry Pi).

v0.3.0 - sample
Figure 1. Example setup - RF_T_H_beacon v0.3.0

1. Demo

Demonstration of beacon sending data to receiver connected to Raspberry Pi.

2. PCB evolution


v0.1.0 - default
Figure 2. RF_T_H_beacon v0.1.0
v0.1.0 - top
Figure 3. RF_T_H_beacon v0.1.0 - top
v0.1.0 - bot
Figure 4. RF_T_H_beacon v0.1.0 - bot


v0.3.0 - top
Figure 5. RF_T_H_beacon v0.3.0 - top
v0.3.0 - bot
Figure 6. RF_T_H_beacon v0.3.0 - bot


v0.4.0 - default
Figure 7. RF_T_H_beacon v0.4.0
v0.4.0 - top
Figure 8. RF_T_H_beacon v0.4.0 - top
v0.4.0 - bot
Figure 9. RF_T_H_beacon v0.4.0 - bot
v0.4.0 - soldered
Figure 10. RF_T_H_beacon v0.4.0 - freshly soldered