Pomodoro timer


Toggle mode: Blink screen:
Sound: Hide cursor:

Remaining study: 00:25:00
Finished pomodoro sessions: 0
Total time: 00:00:00
Study time: 00:00:00
Break time: 00:00:00


  • Press SPACE to start/pause/continue timer, it is like a multi button.
  • Press S to skip current session and start next one (from study to break or other way around).
  • Press P to pause timer.
  • Pressing T or ESC will toggle screen.
  • Press R to reset everything, except finished sessions.
  • By pressing F11 browser will enter full screen mode.
  • Pressing C will toggle cursor checkbox.

Do not be scared

  • When you enter study mode:
    1. If Toggle mode checkbox is selected, site is going to turn black when in study mode.
    2. If Hide cursor checkbox is selected, cursor is going to hide on this site only when site is black.
  • When session/break ends screen will blink and speaker will beep.